Shoshana – Owner

Shoshana has been a practicing yoga teacher since 2012. Her philosophy that “Yoga is a practice, not a perfect” is deeply embedded into all her classes. She established Aspiral Yoga in 2019 to further facilitate her belief, that yoga is inclusive and should be accessible to anyone no matter what their skill level.
She has expanded this to include children with kids classes. Aspiral Yoga kids classes teach and empower the next generation of little yogis with essential skills to develop their own sense of well-being, improve focus, health, self-esteem and happiness.
Shoshana also teaches laughing yoga which is an easy way & has the benefits of strengthening all immune functions, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, foster positive feelings and improve interpersonal skills. Shoshana is passionate about all forms of Yoga and sharing her knowledge to help support the expansion of everyone’s health and personal toolbox for self-care and happiness.
She has facilitated classes across the Gold Coast for industry and government organisations including City of Gold Coast Events, retreats, children’s and NDIS affiliated groups, women’s health and well-being expos. Aspiral Yoga’s various classes have now been a staple of the Gold Coast Active and Healthy program for 3 years.
Shoshana is passionate about Yoga and believes that connection with our breath and conscious movement has the profound power to transform people’s lives physically and emotionally.


200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, Rainbow Yoga – Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training, Certified Laughter Yoga leader, Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care, Mental Health First Aid Australia Certified, Full First Aid and Blue Card

Lisa – Laughing Yoga Leader

Lisa was once told by her manager that she was a jack of all trades and master of none. However, instead of taking it personally, she laughed and agreed. As a single mum to twins, her mantra has always been, let’s do stuff that scares you a little, gets you out of your comfort zone and increase your appreciation of life. She has a variety of experience, that may not be on her resume, from a Chocolate Connoisseur (Lindt ball taster at Myers), laboratory scientist (STD tester), Tupperware Consultant (let’s talk Fridge smarts), Beekeeper (lots of stings), Drone flight instructor at schools (she flies because she can), Theatre Manager (I have a torch and authority to use it) to Flirt Chat Operator (Your secret is safe with me). But her favourite journey to date is a Laughing Yoga Leader for Aspiral Yoga.

Laughing Yoga came about from her biggest fear of Public Speaking. They say Public Speaking is worse than death. So, to test the theory, Lisa decided to do stand-up comedy and invited all her friend and family to watch. Although she didn’t die, she did make people laugh, and as she celebrated in the afterglow of success. She speculated how could share the benefit of laughter without the time spent sick with fear in the weeks leading up to a 5-minute gig. 

People in every culture laugh. Laughter is choice, it connects people and no language is needed. Thankfully Lisa didn’t need to pursue a career in comedy to bring the outcome of laughter to the people she meets.

In a professional capacity, Lisa is working in science and research commercialisation. She has an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology majoring in Life Sciences (Honours). She also graduated with honours with a Masters of Technology Management and has worked in the science and technology sector for twenty years. She is currently enrolled in a Masters in Science Communication to further contribute to reporting science in media for diverse audiences.


B.App Sci (Hons), Masters Technology Management, Women in Technology Board Readiness Program, Beekeeping, Laughter Yoga Leader Training