Top 5 Benefits of Laughing Yoga (Stress-Busting Secrets Revealed)

Benefits of Laughing Yoga Aug 19, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Laughing Yoga (Stress-Busting Secrets Revealed)

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed?

Laughter might just be your best medicine.

Laughter yoga is a serious cardio workout that gets the blood pumping and the body moving.

Made up of gentle stretches, laughter exercises, clapping and chanting, this modern twist on an ancient practise can seriously brighten your day and heal your body.

In fact, many of the physical and mental benefits can be felt from the very first session with people experiencing instant boosts to their body and mood.

Did you know that laughter actually helps promote healthy blood vessels and heart health?

More than a fun and affordable way to fill a Gold Coast afternoon, here are 5 stress busting benefits of laughter yoga.

#1 – Banish Stress

Feeling stressed?

Laugh yoga has been shown to lower levels of cortisol and epinephrine – hormones associated with stress.

When your body is flooded with nasty stress hormones it also leads to a weakened immune system. This creates the ideal conditions for colds, coughs and other infections to sneak in.

When you laugh you flood your body with oxygen. Oxygenation is one of the primary catalysts for metabolic reactions, which flushes your lymphatic system and leaves your organs bursting with energy and vitality.

Research has also shown that laughter leads to a form of ‘internal jogging’. This massages and increases circulation which flushes out waste and leaves you feeling energised and balanced.

#2 – Natural Painkiller

1 in 5 Australians live with chronic pain.

This can quickly spiral into anxiety or depression when each day brings the same challenges.

Researchers have found that laughing can increase pain tolerance. That’s why laugh yoga helps chronic pain sufferers by increasing pain thresholds. This helps sufferers to feel more comfortable without the need for constant (and expensive) medications.

That means the next time you run out of panadol, your nearest laughter yoga club has you covered!

Laugh yoga also provides powerful body-mind benefits to those struggling with depression. It takes just minutes for an increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure and increase in blood oxygen to eliminate pain and provide a natural mood boost.

With increased levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, some laughter club members on the Gold Coast have actually reduced their use of antidepressants in as little as one class!

#3 – Strengthen Immune System

You’re only as healthy as your immune system.

This unique therapy is all about bringing in oxygen and letting your body do what it does best.

It’s proven that negative emotions constrict oxygen intake and cause shallow chest-breathing.  Not only has science shown that a lack of oxygen leads to disease, but shallow breathing will leave you feeling anxious and on edge.

Laughter yoga helps open up your diaphragm with deep breaths, flushing stale air from your body and increasing your net supply of oxygen.

You’ll also benefit from an increased flow of lymphatic fluid and boosts your lymphocytes. These are the killer cells inside your body that fight infection. Higher numbers of lymphocytes means a stronger immune system. Which means laugh yoga isn’t just good fun, but protects your entire body too!

People who attend laughter yoga clubs don’t fall sick as easily, and experience less upper respiratory tract infections. It takes roughly 2-3 months of laughter yoga to bring changes to your immune system though, so today is the perfect day to get started.

According to research out of the National Cancer Centre in California, laughter can boost your immune system by up to 40%. So if you’re worried about catching a cold this flu season, find your nearest laugh yoga class in Brisbane!

#4 – Boosts Mood

Loud neighbors. Angry bosses. Naughty kids.

These are sure-fire ways to end up in a bad mood. Which makes the mood-boosting benefits of laughter yoga the perfect antidote.

Your mood goes a big way to determining your quality of life. Laugh yoga quickly releases endorphins (your happy hormones) and leaves you feeling blissed out and thankful.

With a reset on your perspective, loud neighbours, angry bosses and naughty kids suddenly aren’t the end of the world. Once you find the joy in life you won’t sweat the small stuff so much.

Don’t think you’ll only benefit in class either. Laughter yoga teaches you to release pent up frustration, resentment and anger. Instead, you’ll start to notice a natural inclination towards acceptance, understanding and compassion.

Plus, with all the oxygen your brain is inhaling you’ll feel focused and in control – the perfect mindset to wrangle those naughty kids!

#5 – It’s flat out fun!

Who doesn’t love a good, long laugh?

Life can feel very serious at times. With bills, school fees and mortgages (not to mention the virus we won’t name) it’s easy to forget how important the little things are.

Think about how often kids laugh. That’s what this popular Gold Coast pastime is about. Taking time to connect with the kid inside and enjoy life for what it is.

That’s why laugh yoga starts with simulated laughter but quickly turns into the real thing.It turns out roaring in a room full of strangers, who quickly become friends, really is more contagious than the common cold.

Why is laughter yoga important?

With all the elements of a holistic health building activity, laughter yoga brings together physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being in as little as one unforgettable class.

You’ll leave a laugh yoga session feeling energised, rejuvenated and appreciative of the little things in life.

From the Gold Coast to Brisbane, people of all ages are using laughter yoga therapy to support their health and wellbeing.

Will you be next? Book your ticket now for our next class!